Bpifrance will help 2,500 entrepreneurs in priority neighborhoods

Two years after the launch of its “Entrepreneurship for all” program, Bpifrance takes stock of the first editions and announces a strengthening of its support system.

This is a first positive assessment drawn up by Bpifrance on the first phase of the deployment of “Entrepreneurship for all” accelerators which, since January 2019, have supported 411 entrepreneurs. This system is based on a budget of 80 million euros, which will allow this national deployment to continue – 15 million euros granted by the State as part of the Skills Investment Plan (PIC) of the Ministry of Labor. , and 65 million from the Caisse des Dépôts . Nicolas Dufourcq, Managing Director of the public investment bank, presents him as ” a mission whose goal is to develop accelerators in fragile areas, QPV, to meet entrepreneurs, to reproduce support methods that are already being developed elsewhere thanks to our expertise ”.

56% of women in the program

This system counts, among its participants, 56% of women and 80% of job seekers, beneficiaries of minimum social benefits, in interim, training or fixed-term contracts upon entry into the program. One of the successes of the program noted by Bpifrance at the end of the acceleration phases, which last between 6 and 24 months, is the ratio of nearly 8 out of 10 people who have become micro-entrepreneurs or business leaders. business. This acceleration also testifies to a contribution to the reduction of unemployment since Bpifrance affirms that the proportion of job seekers drops from 43% to 4% between the start and the end of the incubation. ”  It’s a business that works, and today we have to go harder,” continues Nicolas Dufourcq.The vital energy of the France of the future is in the neighborhoods, we must allow people to fulfill themselves, to fulfill themselves  ”. 

On the strength of these encouraging figures, the program is now entering a new phase of deployment by integrating ten new partner players into the three operators already active in order to ” increase the number of accelerators throughout the metropolitan area and overseas “, specifies Bpifrance. During an event dedicated to this device, Marie-Adeline Peix, Executive Director of Bpifrance, explains: “  To continue this desire to fight against all forms of social determinism, we wish to continue to extend this bouquet of solutions in order to respond to the specific needs of these entrepreneurs  ”. 

10 new partners to accelerate support

Thus, to the three associations – Les Determinés, Créo and Entrepreneurs dans la Ville – which have already been operating for more than two years for this program, 10 new partner entities are added, to help achieve Bpifrance’s objective of helping 2,500 entrepreneurs. by 2022: 

  • Orléans Loire Valley Technopole : an association created in 1988 whose goal is to promote the economic development of the territory through innovation; 
  • BGE Bourgogne-Franche-Comté : a member of BGE – a business creation support network – which will work in Besançon and Belfort; 
  • Union des Couveuses : a national network of business incubators which will be active for 310 entrepreneurs in Corsica, Guadeloupe and Mayotte; 
  • The Firsts : an association for the development of the place of women in the economy, whose missions will reach 180 people in Corsica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana; 
  • Reunion Initiative : a group dedicated to supporting creators and business leaders on Reunion Island; 
  • BGE Normandie : an actor who has been working since 2005 to help very small businesses in Normandy; 
  • Atelier Lan Berri : a group of accelerators present in the Basque Country and in Bayonne; 
  • France Active Bretagne : a group of associations which will support the entrepreneurs of the program in Rennes; 
  • BGE Center-Val de Loire : a team of 120 employees dedicated to entrepreneurs in the region; 
  • BGE Guyane : a support player who will follow 40 Guyanese entrepreneurs in their projects.