Talks about Constitution, Secularism will Last Only Until Hindus are Majority in India: Gujarat Dy CM

Gujarat’s Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel stated that discussions about India’s Constitution and laws will only last as long as Hindus remain majority in the country. If Hindus become a minority, no one of the country’s courts, Lok Sabha or Constitution, nor secularism, will be left.

“Those who talk about the Constitution, laws and secularism will continue doing so as long as Hindus remain majority in this country. He said that while God may prevent this, if the number of Hindus decreases and (the) number of people from other religions increases, there won’t be any courts, Lok Sabhas, Constitutions or secularism. “They will all disappear in thin air. Nothing will remain.”

He addressed an event to mark the installation of the idol at the temple of goddess Bharat Mata, Gandhinagar organized by Vishva Hindu Parshad (VHP) on Friday. He said that he wasn’t talking about all Muslims and Christians as many of them are patriots.

“I don’t talk about all of them. Christians are patriots, and there are thousands upon thousands of Muslims. Many thousands of Muslims serve in the Indian Army. Hundreds of Muslims serve in the Gujarat police force. All of them are patriots. He said, “But (I am referring to those) who aren’t.” Patel criticized a Muslim organization (Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind), for challenging the Gujarat Freedom of Religion Amendment Act, 2021. This law seeks to prevent religious conversions by interfaith marriages using force. He wondered why the law was so troubled even though it isn’t religion-specific.

After much discussion, he said that the government had amended the Act to address concerns over “love jihad”. I have to ask those who moved writ before the court: Will you still challenge Act if someone (from another religion), takes your daughter (for forcible marital and converts her religion I have to ask that organization as to their objection to Hindu girls marrying Hindus. He said that Muslim girls marry Muslim girls, Christian girls marry Christians and Sikh girls marrying Sikhs. Patel stated that the law applied equally to a Hindu boy entering into a marriage, and converting a Muslim girls’ mother, so why was only the Muslim organization troubled by it.

The Gujarat High Court recently stopped several sections of the controversial Act until the case was concluded. “People from their community should not make public statements and hold press conferences. They should thank Pradipsinh Jadeja, the state Home minister, for granting them the law to ensure the unity, safety, and protection of Gujarat’s daughters. He said, “Why are they so troubled? This I don’t understand.” According to the BJP leader, it was because of the outstanding works of Prime Minister NarendraModi and Union Home Minister Amit Sharma at the Centre (like removing Article 370, ensuring construction Lord Ram temple, strengthening all religions), he said.

Patel thanked Jadeja also for making sure that Lord Jagannath Yatra was held in Ahmedabad, along with 157 other Yatras throughout Gujarat, by taking preventative measures to ensure that COVID-19 cases don’t rise.